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I am a Storyteller.

Always the dreamer, wanting to see beyond the ordinary world of my life, I write stories to stretch the horizon. My aim is to expand your idea of what might be possible and perhaps help you know yourself a little deeper than before.



watercolor image of Arlene with text: I have a climate fiction mystery to share with you!

Sign up for my fundraising project to start the Climate Story Garden and get this book funded. Click this link: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/climate-story-garden/coming_soon. Copy the link and share with friends & family.

Explore my world of dragons, fairies, elves, and everyday magic.

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Read this historical novel about a girl named Clare from 1894 who lives in an alley shack in Chicago's poorest ward. She sews buttons and hems for Mr. Jones, the sweat boss, and only has a few pennies left to buy bread. Her mother has gone away. Clare doesn't know where or when she's coming back, but she is about to stumble upon a mystery that could change her life forever. It all begins with Simmie, her doll, and a taffy tin full of secrets.

This ebook is available FREE from this website as an interactive PDF. Click the link to download: Simmie... With Secrets.