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Author... Dreamer

Always the dreamer, wanting to see beyond the ordinary world of my life, I delight in conjuring up new magical horizons for you, my reader, to head for. My aim is to expand your idea of what might be possible and perhaps help you know yourself a little deeper than before. However, my literary brews are still spiced with generous pinches of excitement, humor and enchantment. Come explore my world of dragons, elves and fairy tale adventure. Navigate to the "My Books" page and click on a title. Each book page will have a button which allows you to purchase books through this web site

I have a free ebook available from this website as an interactive PDF. See the animated trailer below. Click the link to download Simmie... With Secrets.

More titles are available from the iTunes, Kindle, Kobo, and Nook stores. Check back often to find completely new titles as well as print versions converted to ebook format.