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As a young girl, I loved tales of magic and adventure. When I began writing, I naturally gravitated to these types of stories as well. Dragons are a common theme to many of my books, and I have a particular fondness for drawing them. At times, I have even been sighted at local schools in shimmery scales, swishing a very long tail.

Born in Pennsylvania, I have lived in the western United States since I was ten. I grew up loving the outdoors, especially the wide open spaces out West. I love to hike, canoe, and camp as well as learn about the ecology of the natural world and the issues which threaten our planet. For many years, I worked with young people in the outdoors, teaching environmental education to elementary age children and building mountain trails with high school students.

When I was ten, I learned to drive on the dry lakes in the desert of the Mojave. As an adult, I drove professionally as a bus driver, eventually landing in Northern Nevada by driving for Greyhound for a few years. Back then, I loved to travel... backpacking through Europe on my own. Now, however, I am more content to stay home, sharing the imaginary adventures of the characters that I write about. I currently live in Portland, Oregon.

In 2009-2010, I spent a year doing national service as a VISTA (Volunteers In Service to America), developing content for a website that promotes volunteering throughout Nevada. This led me to take classes that enabled me to produce my first ebook, Simmie... With Secrets, which I have made available to share digitally as a gift to all children. Serving others is such a rewarding experience, and my life has always been focused on improving the world, so I endeavor, as I write, to create stories that promote a greater good while still maintaining a high level of interest for children.