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The EarthStar Solution

Available from Amazon, Kobo, Apple, Barnes & Noble, IngramSpark


From Foreword Clarion Reviews

In the rich and imaginative novel The EarthStar Solution, a teenager navigates tragedy, enlightenment, and deep emotional connections in the process of uncovering a plot against the planet…. Kaye is a nuanced and charismatic heroine. Her curiosity leads to the sympathetic handling of environmental politics and moral dilemmas…. Narrated with an engaging, syncopated rhythm, the novel swivels between Kaye's inner life and teenage aspirations and her father's conspiracy to harness impending climate catastrophe for financial gain. Its ecological message is enforced as much by the humanity of its cast as it is by its plot points. 


From BookLife Reviews:

Surprising YA adventure pitting a teen and the future against climate change. Bereft of her mother and brother, and finding her relationship with her businessman father and her new small town strained, teenage Kaye comforts herself through photography and art and small acts of rebellion…. Soon, she's charged with an urgent mission worthy of any YA fantasy: a quest to save our world by taking back one single degree of global temperature rise…. Readers will cheer her on and care for the friends she makes on the way as the book offers an inviting introduction to climate awareness and the power of activism, all touched with both realism and magic.


This is a not-for-profit book. The proceeds from the paperback and ebook editions of this book will be used to further the mission of The Climate Story Garden in promoting climate fiction with hope and heart. Thank you for supporting the book.


Look for it on Amazon, Kobo, and other online EBook retailers. It will also be available to order through bookstores as a paperback. Check back for more information or head over to subscribe to my newsletter at www.climatestorygarden.com for special offers and videos as they become available. Subscriptions are free!


Here is a flyer with all the book details: