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How to be a Dragon... without burning your tongue

Trade Paperback version:
ISBN 0-9605444-9-6, 351 pages, Ages 11 & up
Published by The Waking Light Press

Available as an ebook for iPad, Kindle, Kobo, Nook!

For those who love fantasy!
For those who love to be inspired!

A modern-day coming-of-age novel steeped in the magic of fairy tale.

A young teen, Rozzie Banks, finds herself turning into a dragon, scale by scale, fang by fang, claw by claw after meeting a shadowy beast in a mountain cavern. This drastic event catapults Rozzie into a fantastic journey through the loneliness and resentment that has plagued her for a very long time. No longer can she avoid the fierce anger boiling inside her. It reveals itself instantly through her smoke and flame. As she struggles to control her temper, a delightful, eccentric neighbor becomes her ally, but it is the difficult people that she meets--a handsome, troubled boy and a ruthless, violent man--who help her unravel the angry knot inside as she learns the secret of being a dragon without burning her tongue.


"An engaging and thoroughly entertaining 'coming of age' novel about Rozzie, a young woman who undertakes a journey that will lead her toward self-discovery and wonder. A magical, introspective story, with whispers of hidden dragons, about the importance of finding courage within. HOW TO BE A DRAGON is a wonderfully crafted novel and especially recommended for teen readers ages 11-18."
James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief
The Midwest Book Review

"Rozamanthus, or Rozzie to most people, is an angry, hurt adolescent girl reeling from losing her brother in a tragic accident. That same accident disfigured her hand and put her mother into a coma. Since she can't stay on her own, she's shipped off to her estranged father's house in (Nevada). His new wife and young son are not thrilled to have Rozzie around and the feeling is definitely mutual.

Rozzie is struggling with a lot of anger and nothing seems to be going right until she meets an eccentric old woman and a dragon in a cave. Strange things start happening after that!

This was a fabulously written book about a growing girl struggling with things out of her control. She’s angry, hurt, and lashing out at everyone. How will she learn to accept the things she can’t change and to let go of her anger?

I could really relate to this character as memories of my teen years came flooding back. Many of us can point to an event or person that helped us get through that tough time in our lives."

Kathy Brummond

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Battle of Never
Chapter 2: Brother Beast
Chapter 3: The Dragon's Echo
Chapter 4: The Angel Tree
Chapter 5: Scales and Smoke
Chapter 6: Burnt
Chapter 7: The Grey Ghost
Chapter 8: Stalking Supper
Chapter 9: The Trouble with Tails
Chapter 10: Angelic Harmonies
Chapter 11: Just Steaming
Chapter 12: Hatching Plans
Chapter 13: Wings
Chapter 14: Facing Shadows
Chapter 15: The Last Tear
Chapter 16: On the Prowl
Chapter 17: The Black Dragon
Chapter 18: Magnolia Blossom


Below and to her right, something sparkled brightly. It was very small and luminescent in the darkness. Mesmerized by the beauty of the shimmer, Rozzie backed down the limestone stairway and crept toward it. Breathlessly, she leaned close to examine the light which came from a tiny, crystal box balanced on the lip of a delicate stone column. The box held a twinkling gem resembling a translucent tear, not quite liquid, not quite solid.

Once again, Rozzie could not stop herself. She reached toward the box, letting her fingers sweep it in. Her hand cradled it reverently as she opened the lid with a delicate flick of her finger. Picking up the teardrop, she found it light as air and cool as water. It dazzled her like some speck of starlight had landed in her hand, but she held that gleaming prize only for a moment. Then it melted into her palm and disappeared. A faint glow lingered in her skin, that was all. The glow tingled gently, spreading upward to her stubby finger. Finally, it too faded.

Rozzie stared in awe at the shadow of her hand, striving to make sense of what had happened. Before she could come to any conclusion, she heard a swishing sound behind her in the darkness.

"So," came a tired, raspy hiss, "you want to be a dragon... dragon... dragon?"