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My Books

The EarthStar Solution

New Book, available now in paperback and ebook editions. In this climate fiction mystery, Kaye Malloy must solve her brother's death, change her father's mind, and alter the outcome of the climate crisis across time.


"In the rich and imaginative novel The EarthStar Solution, a teenager navigates tragedy, enlightenment, and deep emotional connections in the process of uncovering a plot against the planet."

—Foreword Clarion Reviews  


"A wonderful novel aimed at budding climate warriors, but anyone who likes a good story will enjoy it. It mixes climate reality with mystery, suspense, science fiction and delight. I am retired and found myself reading late into the night because it is so captivating. The author Williams gets across a climate message while at the same time providing great entertainment. Highly recommended."

—David Patterson, Servant, Common Earth Inc


"Surprising YA adventure pitting a teen and the future against climate change. Readers will cheer her on and care for the friends she makes on the way as the book offers an inviting introduction to climate awareness and the power of activism, all touched with both realism and magic."

—from BookLife Reviews


Dragon Soup

In a desperate attempt to save herself and her father's farm from the cruel merchant, Tonlu journeys to the cave of the Cloud Dragons to steal a pearl. However she is caught and put to the task of settling a dispute between the two dragon brothers over whose soup tastes better. Knowing it would be dangerous to chose one soup over the other, Tonlu finds an ingenious solution that allows all of them win. Chosen as a Children's Choice Book by the Children's Book Council, a Smithsonian Notable Book and a Society of School Librarians International Best Picture Book winner for 1996.

Tiny Tortilla

Juan Carlos has been dreaming of a hot, tasty tortilla, but all the tortilla woman has is a small bit of masa dough. She tells Juan Carlos to work the masa patiently until it is thin and light: "If you do, you'll see... it will be more tortilla than you ever imagined." A Junior Library Guild Selection!

How to be a Dragon... without burning your tongue

How would it feel to be turning into a dragon... scale by scale, fang by fang, claw by claw? Rozzie Banks finds out after a snowmobile accident leaves her mother in a coma. This tragedy transports her into a difficult new world, living with her estranged father in an isolated town in Nevada. She despises her new life until, inside a mountain cavern, she meets a shadowy beast. There she touches a mysterious teardrop that begins her transformation into a dragon. A finalist for a Nautilus Award in Children's Literature.

Tales from the Dragon's Cave

Water dragons! Lightning dragons! Dragon pirates and kites! Each story in this magical collection of tales is filled with wonderful fairy tale characters and exciting adventures, as well as wise lessons in the art of peacemaking. Foreword by Pricilla Prutzman, Co-founder of the Creative Response to Conflict program in Nyack, New York. Chosen Children's Choice for 2003 by the Children's Book Council.

Winker, Buttercup and Blue

When tiny Winker Leafkin finds a beautiful blue egg to enter in the elfin Easter egg contest, he and his friend Buttercup think they will win for sure. Then the egg hatches and they discover that raising a baby robin is a very big challenge... especially when you're only three inches tall!

A Year With Winker Leafkin

This book shares twelve exciting adventures of Winker Leafkin as this tiny elf plunges headlong into trouble and magically finds his way out again. Winker battles storm-tossed seas, gets mistaken for a leprechaun, and makes the fireflies dance. He is always hiding from humans, or escaping from them. With each predicament he finds himself in, the young elf grows a bit wiser than before, but that never stops the fun with Winker Leafkin.

A Fire in the Night

When a forest fire forces Mandy's family to flee, her cat Bo jumps from her arms and runs. Mandy searches for Bo, but the smoke is too thick. He has to be left behind. As Mandy watches the fire burning through the night, she wonders what they will find when they return. Will Bo be there? Will their house be standing? And how can she secretly wish it was her mother's goat Grace that was left behind instead?

Simmie... With Secrets

FREE EBOOK! Clare lives in an alley shack in Chicago's poorest ward in 1894. She sews buttons and hems for Mr. Jones, the sweat boss, and only has a few pennies left to buy bread. Her mother has gone away. Clare doesn't know where or when she's coming back, but she is about to stumble upon a mystery that could change her life forever. It all begins with Simmie, her ragged doll, and a taffy tin full of secrets.

When Dragons Cry For Mercy: And Other Tales of Inner Magic

Dragons, unicorns, fairies, and wizards inhabit the pages of this book. Enchanted toys, roses, whistles, and a dancing marionette delight the reader with their charms. Children fly like butterflies, owls speak in the chill of night, fairies sing their mesmerizing songs, and trees whisper their secrets to a young boy, but these twenty stories emphasize a power that flows from another type of magic, an inner magic—our capacity for love, forgiveness, joy, compassion, and cooperation. Twenty original fairy tales. Includes ten black and white illustrations.