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A Year With Winker Leafkin

12 tales for young readers

The Waking Light Press

Available as an ebook for iPad, Kindle, Kobo, Nook!

Long ago, America was settled not only by Europeans crossing the great ocean, but small, enchanted folk like fairies, dwarfs, and elves. Deep in the forest, they set up hidden communities that spread and flourished. In time, it was possible to find, almost anywhere, swarms of fairies flying beneath the woodland canopy or tiny elves scurrying through the underbrush. And one of them went by the name of Winker Leafkin….

This book shares twelve exciting adventures of Winker Leafkin as this tiny elf plunges headlong into trouble and magically finds his way out again. Winker battles storm-tossed seas, gets mistaken for a leprechaun, and makes the fireflies dance. He is always hiding from humans, or escaping from them. With each predicament he finds himself in, the young elf grows a bit wiser than before, but that never stops the fun with Winker Leafkin.

Each story relates to a month of the year. Many relate to holidays: New Year’s Day, Groundhog’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, April Fool’s Day, May Day, Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Story Titles:
The New Year Flute
The Groundhog’s Shadow
The Leprechaun’s Shoes
The April Fool
May Wood Night
Midsummer Melody
Yankee Doodle Spies
There Once Was a Birthday
Lesson Plans
Snap Apple Halloween
The Thanksgiving Place
The Christmas Stone

The book contains 25 color illustrations and makes great bedtime reading for children from five to nine. It can also be used in the classroom for fun holiday-themed reading. Each story has a short note concerning interesting facts about Colonial America or natural history.

Ilustration: May Wood Night © Arlene Williams 2014